the type of warm, melancholic drone you want to pull up to your chin like a weighted blanket— Pitchfork

Midwife is the moniker of multi-instrumentalist Madeline Johnston; she lives and works in San Miguel, New Mexico by way of Denver, Colorado, where she spent the better half of the past…

Amulets — Blooming

The prolific, Portland-based Randall Taylor is an audio/visual artist best known for his musical project, Amulets. Taylor’s work uses analog tape and its imperfections to explore themes like degradation and nostalgia and their relationship to technology and to the self. …

The newest Black Wing single from the upcoming album “No Moon” out December 11th.

On the heels of Midwife’s 2020 sophomore album, “Forever,” The Flenser is pleased to offer a new vinyl edition of her debut effort “Like Author, Like Daughter,” remastered as a double LP in a gatefold jacket.

“Like Author, Like Daughter” is a portrait of Madeline Johnston’s final year as a…

No Moon cover art by Rino Pelli

Dan Barrett — the man behind Have A Nice Life, Giles Corey, and Enemies List Home Recordings — has unveiled details for his sophomore album as the electronic project Black Wing. …




Since 2009, the vanguard Bay Area-based Botanist has been composing music using an electrified version of the hammered dulcimer, a traditional Celtic instrument. …

The moody + melancholic track appears on As Lost Through Collision, out September 4 from The Flenser.

Artist photo by: Dylan Rebecca Keith (@dylanrebecca)

“…a shoegaze-infused post-punk journey with clear influence from inventive ’90s acts like Slint. Still, the band find ways to stay distinct…” — Paste Magazine

Los Angeles’s Sprain have unveiled the second single off…

The Flenser Series Two

Subscribe to Series Two.

Introducing The Flenser Membership SERIES TWO, a curated selection of 2020’s new Flenser releases. Members will receive eight LPs and one 7 inch. These will all be special editions unique to members only, meaning either special vinyl colors or supplemental artwork that isn’t available to anyone…

This was originally posted to The Flenser Facebook group.

The Flenser Facebook Group was created in February 2019 and made public around the first of March. It has been instrumental in Flenser 2019, the most rewarding year yet for The Flenser. This group has given a voice to a community…

Jonathan Tuite

The Flenser is a dark experimental label from San Francisco

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